Interactivity being taken out of the hands of top-tier vendors

Works great.

Working now to understand: how to get viewers to become users.

  1. provide qr code – link to download mobile app.
  2. onscreen instructions to connect to wifi (we’ll use minimally secured “guest” networks.)
  3. a promotion to accompany providing contact info, via text.
  4. …?

Reinterpreting these ideas for Real Estate and S. Oregon Coast Tourism

Super… must see.

Contact us for details...

Notably, we like that a Mobile App is *NOT* required. But the concept of a shopping cart tied to a pin (entered into a mobile site via phone.) Definitely worth patenting.

In case you missed the analogy – Real Estate customers touch and surf the window and then select properties which are added to the “bag.” There are some details TBD, like how to tie the backend into an IDX feed and capture leads.

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Launching Now, Why?

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