NAR Show in Chicago – Interactive Signs

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TouchPortal Wifi Vision

We believe a free wifi network at each sign will enable us to capture contact info and track user analytics. See the sketch below.

Check out “Remote Mouse.” I don’t know if this is the app, but something like it. I’m in contact with a developer to build our own.

TouchPortalWifiVision Thumbnail:
Connect to the “Guest” WiFi, capture contact info as a precursor to supplying the app for the viewers’ mobile phone. Upon remote mouse connect, flip the sign into “Smart Sign” mode – vis-a-vis a locked-in screen for browsing the property map. Upon disconnect restore to dumb sign mode.

As the network grows, the design will maintain a consistent network spec (access credentials and hotspot name) across sign locations so that users need only launch the app to use signs.

Download the graphic in PDF. Here TouchPortal Wifi